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June 27, 2012: I received an email from a Thyro-Gold™ customer asking about the glyceryl behenate ingredient in Thyro-Gold™. The customer was concerned that they were produced with GMO vegetable oils. I wrote to the biochemist who manufactures the product and she responded with the following disclosure:

The Oils are vegetable oils and these could be from rapeseed oil or mustard seed oil. I received the Non GMO statement from the vendor for this product and it states: “any raw materials used in the manufacturing of the Glyceryl Behenate do not contain any DNA or protein derived from the use of genetically modified plants”

Dear Tammy, I recently received your newsletter announcing the upcoming reduced capsule dosage of Thyro-Gold™ and am really excited about it. Currently, I have to open the capsule and empty the powder into a spoon so that I can divide it. How soon will be able to purchase the new 1/2 dosage? [Tom in North Carolina - June 2012]

Tammy: Dear Tom, I share your enthusiasm for the new option of Thyro-Gold™. The product should be available within 8 weeks. The capsules will be smaller but the contents will be 1/2 of the 300mg that is currently offered. I will post an announcement when the product is available.  

Question:  Dear Tammy, I have been unable to access Dr. Lowe’s websites for the past month and wondered why they are no longer available to the public. Please tell me that they will not disappear from the cyber world as they were so important to those of us who used them for references on a daily basis. [Kathy in Australia - May 10, 2012]

Tammy:  Dear Kathy, I share your concern and sorrow for the loss of the websites at this time. The control of the sites are in the hands of Dr. Lowe’s sister and niece as they navigate through Probate of the Estate. My hope is that once Probate is completed, the sites will become available to the public again. I know that it was Dr. Lowe’s wish and desire to maintain the sites as they were written in his words and that the content of the sites not be altered or changed in any way.

Question:  I’m confused by a recent disclosure on regarding Thyro-Gold. Can you please advise if the product is still available? The disclosure indicates that Dr. Lowe’s Estate is not responsible for future formulations of the product, is this true? [Keith in Arizona - May 17, 2012]

Tammy: Dear Keith, I can assure you that the original formulation of Thyro-Gold is still available through  To preserve the continuation of the product, Thyro-Gold was moved to this new website for purchasing. Thyro-Gold is protected by exclusive contracts with the manufacturer and the distribution center. The formulation will remain unaltered for all future batches. I apologize for the confusion over the disclosure on and hope that you will be reassured that Thyro-Gold will remain available for the public. As always, I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding Thyro-Gold and the safety of using it properly.



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