Natural Thyroid Solutions shall ship all product orders according to the instructions directed by the customer to any shipping address outside of the borders of the United States through the United States Postal service. The customer agrees that if any order is lost or delayed for any reason, Natural Thyroid Solutions is not responsible for such failure of delivery. Additionally, Natural Thyroid Solutions is not responsible for any third party which may accept delivery of the order on the customer's behalf.

By signing this form, the customer named _________________________ will take full responsibility for any potential loss or confiscation of the product by their country's import laws and will not hold Natural Thyroid Solutions responsible. 

The customer agrees to cooperate with Natural Thyroid Solutions and any third party merchant financial institution (paypal) should a loss occur and by signing this form, agrees not to reverse any credit/debit card charges accordingly.


Signature  required and date                         

Please fax this form to (303) 496-6200

Please fax to (303) 496-6200 or email a PDF copy to