Below are Thyro-Gold comments and testimonials found at and personal emails sent to me.

Angela wrote: July 2, 2018

Hi Tammy,
Just wanted to touch base and thank you for keeping Thyro-Gold available as an alternative to other thyroid medications, such as synthroid.
Over these nearly 3 months of being on your product, there have been many ups and downs with health and dosage adjustments.
I read the echapters you sent to me that were written by your late husband, Dr. Lowe. I am very grateful for his research and dedication and his care and intelligence lives on....
As a result, I have started taking the recommended supplements-bought the Bronson Vitamins and Supplements and am well pleased with the products, also. 
I feel I’m getting close to an optimal dosage with 1 Thyro-Gold in the morning and 1/2 capsule at night, 12 hours apart. 
A big plus is that my body temperature has finally returned to normal after 20 years!!!
No more cold hands and ice cold feet. So just for that I am so grateful.
Have also lost about 7 pounds so far just by switching to Thyro-Gold and exercising to tolerance only. Still can’t do too much in terms of exercise, but some days are better than others.
Starting to feel like a human being again after being a zombie for 20 years.
Life can only get better from now on.
Thanks for being there for us and also for answering our questions and concerns.

Sierra wrote: February 2018

Hi Tammy. I wanted to email you today because I received the results of my recent thyroid ultrasound and the nodules that I have had for years have all gone away. I've been taking Thyro-gold for about 6 months and feel certain that it's what has eliminated the problem. I feel great and just wanted to let you know. 

Cindy wrote: June 2017

Hi Tammy, I am so deeply grateful for your recent help with my thyroid questions. When I spoke with you on the phone, I was at my lowest level emotionally. I have suffered with low thyroid problems for decades and despite numerous prescriptions, nothing seemed to make a difference with my health. I have started Thyro-Gold based on your suggestion and I already feel better. I am following your advice and have cleaned up my diet and exercising every day. I can't wait to see how I feel in a few months. Keep up the good work.

Jason wrote: June 2017

Hi Tammy, Thank you for speaking with my wife and me about her thyroid issues. We have been trying to get pregnant for some time now and after speaking with you - I decided that I needed to have my thyroid levels checked. Just like you mentioned, my levels were low and my TSH was high. I had never given thought that I might have a thyroid problem. I thought it was a women-only issue. Thankfully, we are both on Thyro-Gold now and feeling good.  Hopefully, we will have a child in the near future.

Hi Jason. I'm so glad that you went ahead and had your thyroid levels checked. Low thyroid function can certainly affect men so it would seem appropriate for men to keep an eye on their thyroid levels as well as women.

Zsuzsa wrote: May 1, 2017

I wanted to tell you of my success with your product.
I purchased two bottles last year - in the two strengths (150mg/300mg)  I started with the 150mg, with no noticeable difference in my symptoms.  After 3 weeks, I switched to the 300mg and noticed the following:
1. My thumb nails started to grow normally - no splitting, breaking, flaking.
2. My hair stopped falling out, more than standard.  It thickened up again, improved in shine, was soft and started growing again like crazy - I have long hair, the growth rate was so noticeable that not only my hairdresser but many friends were commenting on how much my hair had grown.
3. Living in a Tropical country, I was needing to wear thermals, 24hrs a day, nine months out of the year. I was perpetually depressed and suffering from Reynard's syndrome every winter since I was 13yrs. I had not yet noticed a difference in the cold of my extremities and suffering very much from Reynard's syndrome I don't intend to travel to a cold climate in the near future.
4. Whilst I was hoping to see an improvement in my metabolism, I didn't yet notice any.
5. Basal temperature had not yet increased.
There are a few caveats with my results:
1. I was only taking the 300mg once per day, I think with the severity of my hypothyroidism (since from the time I can remember, as a child) and adrenal exhaustion, I needed to increase that to twice a day.
2. I was often taking it sporadically.  I have no doubt if I was diligent in taking it everyday I would have seen the basal temperature improvements that I was expecting.
3. The fact that I noticed some improvements so quickly, even when taking it sporadically, confirms that your product works.
In January 2017, I stopped taking your product and swapped to Thyroid-S.  My justification was that you were providing a whole thyroid product, whereas it is only T3 and T4 I need.  Also porcine thyroid was reputed as being the better option to bovine.
I took Thyroid-S for a couple of months, but noticed nothing.  Then in March, 2017 I moved, so there was a 4 week disruption where I took no thyroid supplementation whatsoever.  My hair stopped growing, looked dull, my nails started breaking again (within 2 weeks) and by early April I noticed excessive amounts of hair was dropping again.
By mid April I started taking thyroid-S again.  After a week of no improvement, I increased it to 2 grains per day.  After another week, I still noticed no difference.  So I stopped taking it.
I switched back to Thyro-Gold - 300mg.  I have only been taking it for 2 days and already I have noticed a difference!
1. The deep splits in my right thumb nail have already closed over, the flaking has disappeared and now looks like a complete (short) nail.
2. The amount of hair dropping has reduced.  Whilst my hair still feels coarse, the top has started to soften again.
I think to counter my metabolism issues and Reynard syndrome I will need to increase the dosage to 300mg twice a day.  Understanding that my hypothroidism has been lifelong ( I am in my late 40's) and looking at my family history, most likely with a genetic predisposition, changes in these areas will present after longer term usage.
But the difference in my symptoms within 48hrs is astonishing and I am not one to give testimonials!
I believe that whilst "science" has been able to identify T3 and T4 deficiencies as an issue for hypothyroidism, there are other components in "whole" thyroid  that have a synergystic effect but have not yet been identified.
My results have also cleared any doubts I had that bovine was inferior substitute to porcine thyroid.
As a natural health consultant, I will definitely be recommending your product over any pharmaceutical option, Thryoid-S or even Armour.
Thank you for producing and providing this product to the greater community.  Suffering hypothyroidism my whole life and to now be on track to feeling 'normal' is like a god-send. Thyro-Gold is giving me back my life.

Alexandra wrote:  November 2016

Hi Tammy. A friend of mine encouraged me to try your Thyro-Gold after many years of struggling with different products. She had raved about Thyro-Gold and her success was physically apparent when I last saw her. At her suggestion, I started taking 1 capsule of the 150mg and after 2 weeks increased the dosage to 2 capsules of the 150mg.  I realized a few days later that I was feeling very wired and anxious and my heart rate was pounding. I called your contact number and was surprised that you answered the phone. After explaining to me that I had perhaps, jumped the dosage too quickly, you helped calm my fears and encouraged me to back the dosage down to only 1 capsule of the 150mg and to stay on that dosage for a while to let my body adjust. It's been a few weeks and I do feel better. I have no more tremors and my pulse rate has calmed down. I have even lost a few pounds. I just want to thank you for helping me through my self-inflicted crisis. I think in our quest to improve our health we sometimes reach too far too fast. I am so grateful to you for your calm and encouraging words.

Jeremy wrote: August 2016

Hi Tammy. I wanted to let you know how well I am doing since starting your Thyro-Gold. You and I had a telephone conversation and I was on the fence about taking a dietary supplement for my low thyroid symptoms. I was so impressed with your knowledge and understanding of my personal situation. You helped me work through what you called, underlying issues, and made some valuable suggestions regarding supplementation and exercise. I have been on Thyro-Gold for over 6 weeks and I can't believe how much better I feel. When I first started to exercise, I was in a weakened condition and could barely get through a beginner routine. Now I am seeing the physical changes and the underlying issues that you spoke of, are improving. I just wanted to thank you for your help.

Carrie wrote: June 12, 2016

Hi Tammy, I have returned to Thyro-Gold after switching to another product that I thought would be better for me. You helped me make the transition even though I was changing from your product. I gave it a go with this new product and I have to say that I have not felt very well on it and have returned to the Thyro-Gold with a new appreciation for it's value. At the time when I originally started it back in 2015 - I had a lot of underlying conditions that you and I discussed. I had difficulty adapting to the intake of the Thyro-Gold and just didn't feel well on it. I have since then changed my dietary habits;  I have quit smoking. I exercise every day. I take the dietary supplements that you suggested and my health has completely turned around. I will be a life long customer from now on and just wanted to say that I appreciated your honesty and encouragement to find a product that works for my body's chemistry. Despite a brief absence from the use of Thyro-Gold, I am finally back on it and doing much better this time around.

Kevin wrote: July 2, 2015

I have been taking your product for almost a year and I wanted to email you about my success. I started the Thyro-Gold at a weight of 300 lbs and I have managed to lose over 100 pounds since using Thyro-Gold and working with my chiropractor. This has been something that I have never thought would happen. My blood pressure is stable for the first time in years and I am feeling more energy than I ever have. I just had to write to say thank you.

Stacey wrote: May 24, 2015

Hello Tammy,

I am a few months from 50 years old and this is only my second testimonial I have ever written.  About two and a half years ago, I found myself totally dragging and my hair was falling out in fistfulls, and I don't have much to lose.  I went to my doctor and she tested my thyroid and some other things and found I was Hypo-Thyroid and put me on Levothyroxine at 25 mcg.  Over the course of the last 2.5 years, they increased my meds to 100 mcg and I have seen some things get better like energy levels and hair loss slowed. My tsh levels are 1.3 so they feel I am at the correct levels, but I have had some new things develop like dry, itchy scalp and skin, and more recently, severe muscle and soft tissue pain and tender points on my body that never went away.  I have removed wheat/gluten, and started adding nutrients like vitamin D, etc that have helped me manage barely.  My recent blood work shows I am actually very healthy.  My body basically went into a crisis mode in the last few months when they made my last dosage increase and I found that my soft tissue pain was almost unbearable.  When I found that my doctors only wanted to put me on anti-depressants and muscle relaxers to "solve" this, I was desperate and decided to do some research to find out what the heck was happening to me.  I seemed to have developed the symptoms of fibromyalgia and my doctor was not going to diagnose me, and there didn't seem to be an answer for it anyway.....I certainly didn't want the label as there is quite a bit of stigma associated with it I found.

I started to find that everywhere I was looking there was one common denominator and that was that 70-90 percent of Fybromyalgia patients seemed to have low thyroid.....Now I am no doctor, but I am not a dummy either, and this seemed like a VERY large number to me.  So I decided that I would try NDT.  I had a hunch I was either not getting enough thyroid medicine due to the doctors relying on TSH levels, or I was needing the benefits of NDT which seems to have much more than T4.  I had purchaced another brand of NDT (Thyroid S) and had it in my freezer for emergencies and started taking it.  I knew I was on the right track from the first pill!  I had a 50% pain relief within an hour.....I was dosing based on relief of my pain in my muscles and tendons only.  I did continue to have headaches after taking my dosages of the other brand, so I decided to try Thyro-Gold....ordered it online, got it two days later, and started the next morning.

Well after only a few days now, I feel so much better!  I am still working on the dosages, but have not felt any negative reactions, only better each day, and no headaches!  I feel almost no pain anywhere, and starting to sleep better, and my skin is amazingly soft and pink!  I am very greatful for your product and plan to stay on it till my last breath.

Terri wrote:May 15, 2015

I started taking Thyro gold a couple of months ago and I just wanted to write and say thank you.

I started taking Synthroid 20 years ago for hypothyroidism.  Since then I've been complaining to any doctor who would listen that I felt tired all of the time, my hair was still falling out, I had dry and brittle nails and constant outbreaks of skin rashes with dry patches.  I couldn't concentrate on anything.  I felt foggy.  I was freezing all of the time.  Even though I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep at night.  No one would listen.  I was diagnosed with "Chronic fatigue Syndrome, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, depression, and back problems.  None of the diagnoses satisfied me.  I knew I wasn't depressed, I knew that the fatigue I was feeling wasn't normal, my blood pressure didn't seem right either.

I started doing research, found the book, "Stop the thyroid madness," and all of the sudden a lightbulb came on and I felt for the first time, like I wasn't crazy.  I went to the doctor and told her about the book and about NDT.  She stated that she had several patients on Armour and they all loved it.  She was open to my issues.  I told her I wanted to try Thyro gold so I could be in control of my dosing and she had no problems with that.  She took all of the information about the book and about your product. The next day I started using Thyro gold and threw my Synthroid in the trash.  The first month was a little rocky but I followed the guidelines on how to take it, monitored my temp, blood pressure, pulse and weight along with my general well being.  The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't freezing anymore.  I can't tell you how happy that made me.  Then I realized that I was sleeping through the night and I actually felt rested during the day.  I now take 300mg in the morning at 4am when I get up, 300mg at 11am, and 150mg at 4pm.  This is perfect so far for me.  I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine 2 weeks ago because I noticed that after I took it I woul feel light headed.  My blood pressure has been normal since.  AMAZING, it hasn't been normal in over 15 years, even with blood pressure medicine.  I'm exercising again and I'm actually staying up past 7pm which is so great.

Michelle wrote: February 7, 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. Your product has made my life better, immeasurably.
I was just promoted to my dream job, and am now expected to work twice as many hours in a stressful, high-energy position at full capacity 60-80 hours per week. For the past 2 years after being diagnosed as hypothyroid, I have become something I can only describe as a zombie - tired, irritable and almost lifeless by the end of the day.  I tried Synthroid, but to no avail. With my new hours, pressure, and stress, I didn’t know how I could go on. I went home at night and collapsed in bed immediately after work, where I spent the next 8 hours before it was time to get up and do it all over again, 7 days a week. Life became a cycle of sleep, waking up to find I was already exhausted, and suffering through the work day to make it back to bed as soon as possible.

Then, I found some info on Thyro-Gold on Stop The Thyroid Madness, and ordered it out of desperation. I honestly didn’t expect it to help dramatically, but hoped that it might give me a tiny boost. I was willing to try anything. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks, and I can’t explain how much better I feel. I wake up and actually feel rested! At work, I am upbeat and energetic, and have increased mental clarity. The mental fog I didn’t even realize I was fighting has been lifted! Then, at the end of the day, I have enough energy to spend some time with my family when I get home, instead of going straight to bed. I feel like I have my old self back! Your product is incredible. Thank you again.

Robynn wrote: September 18, 2013

I feel better taking the Thyro-Gold. I quickly lost 7 lbs of water weight beginning around the 11th day after beginning the medication. I began peeing like a racehorse tons of excess fluids as the weight came off. The weight loss occurred over the course of about 4 days then stopped. NOW I am no longer waking in the night to urinate. That was the usual for past 10 years. I have more mental clarity, more energy, and I feel stronger.

I can now happily walk 3 miles. I would not have even attempted that before. That was too far to go without a bathroom and it would have been very tiring and difficult. I now have more energy. I don't feel like I am wired, but I feel stronger and don't get overly tired on exertion. I feel like my muscles are finally getting what they need to get stronger. Before I couldn't face the idea of walking a mile but now I am easily doing it and it feels good to get the exercise. Before it did not feel good to walk. Now I feel my muscles getting stronger. That I haven't felt in a long time.

Yesterday I increased the Thyro-Gold to 300mg and I felt fine (I could not tell any difference). I walked again- 3 miles, I am trying to fit this walk in every evening now. Determined to get back my muscle strength. Thank you for your help.

Jaci wrote: September 14, 2013

I have been using ThyroGold for a few months now and I am so very thankful for this product! It has changed my life! I have battled hypo thyroid disease for 15 years. I am allergic to the generic form of Synthroid so I have always had to buy name brand. When I did have insurance, they wouldn't cover the price of it and I was paying 45 dollars a month and still sluggish, too easily tired, and occasional weight gain. My teeth started to fall out. My hair was falling out. All this, but the doctor said I was in my normal range.

Since starting ThyroGold, I feel great! I have more energy and that is so wonderful! The only thing that it hasn't done for me is weight loss. I still am packing an extra 150 pounds I can't seem to shed, but really, I don't care so much! Because I feel great!
With all that being said, I have found that my perfect dosage is 2 300 mgs and 1 150 mgs, however, I can't buy both bottles without having to pay for 2 separate shipping costs. If you could somehow change this, I would be so grateful!
Thank you so much for making this available for us!

Robin wrote: October 31, 2012

I've written you once before to tell you how sorry I was to hear about your husband. 

I'm writing you now to tell you that you, your precious husband's work and Thyro-Gold have changed my life. I felt like I was dying and the doctors kept telling me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and that my thyroid was "just fine."

They actually began to act as if they thought I was making it up. Shortly after starting Thyro-Gold my symptoms, (all of them) began to go away!! Even the Carpal Tunnel that was affecting both of my hands began to go away! I thank God for your husband's dedication to helping others.

I know you must hear stories like this every day but this doesn’t happen to "me" every day and I am so very grateful to you and your precious husband.

I know you must miss him so very much but try to take comfort in the fact that he has given "LIFE" back to so many people. He has definitely given my life back to me. Thank you so much!

Jennifer wrote: August 20, 2012

I have been having some amazing success ALREADY with the small amount that I am tolerating fine. Not only tolerating but I have some residual strength that is keeping me propped up for work and then some! It's an amazing difference and your confidence in the answer to my condition picture helped me to give it a try. It feels like continuing to work with this is going to be the solution after all.

I will keep you posted as I go, just so you have verification and to say thank you to you, who have been unlinke any other in support of this process I have been getting through. I believe that the QUALITY of your contributions, EVERY SINGLE TIME, on the phone, has actually been the source of my ability to hope again, and it has made it possible to keep trying based on your kindness, openness and certainty of what you were doing. I am certain this is what you were offering also when it was a team of two with you and John, and all I can say is: what a lucky world and how lucky am I.

Kelly wrote: July 17, 2012

I received the Thyro-Gold last week. I don't know where to begin. After 6 months on varying levels of Synthroid (both generic and name brand) I felt better. Alot better really. So I transitioned immediately to one capsule of Thyro-Gold as soon as it arrived with a bit of skepticism, doing so at a time I would have a rest period ahead in case I needed to go back to the pharmaceutical medication.

I will NEVER take SYNTHROID AGAIN!!!!! I can't even begin to explain how much better I feel. I am going strong at 10pm!!! I haven't seen 10pm willingly for YEARS! :) I am walking 2 miles a day this week when a month ago I couldn't make it half a mile because of my poor lung function.
I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to have found this product. WOW. That's all I can say. WOW!

John S. wrote: July 2, 2012

I just got back from the doctor’s office, but before I tell you the good news, I have to tell you a little history. I have had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels for 20 years. The doctors have had me take $100 a month blood pressure medicine for decades. They additionally prescribed every brand of cholesterol medicine you can imagine, but I had all the side affects you hear about on television, so I refused to take the medicine.

I have been on 2 capsules of Thyro-Gold for the past 4 months and I have to tell you the results of my recent doctor visit. First, when they weighed me in, I had lost 15 pounds.  They had taken blood during this visit and, when the results came back, my cholesterol levels were within normal range. Now mind you this is the first time in over 20 years that my cholesterol was within normal ranges. When the doctor asked what I had been doing, I told him I had been taking Thyro-Gold. He was unsure of course, but when I left the room, he asked me “What was the name of that product again?” I told him all about your website and that he should check it out. 

I am proud to say I am still taking my Thyro-Gold each day and I wanted to offer this letter of appreciation for such a great product.

Jillyn wrote: June 7, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Dear Tammy: I cannot thank you enough for all your help with the Thyro-Gold.  I love it so much. I have Fibromyalgia and am Hypothyroid and am so pleased with Thyro-Gold.  I love this product.  I have spent years and years and years going through the trials of hypothyroidism. Nothing has EVER helped me like the Thyro-Gold has.  I can keep up with my grandchildren now.  I don’t hurt as much and I have energy like I should have. I am finally starting to feel NORMAL again.  Thanks for making a safe product.  Thank you Tammy and to Dr. Lowe too because without your research and letting people know, I would still be suffering like I did for over 20 years.​

Cara Bryant wrote: Feb 04, 11 at 12:35 pm

I started using the Thyro-Gold product that was created by Dr. John C. Lowe. I would recommend  it to anyone with hypothyroidism. The women in my family all have thyroid issues and have started using the product with the same results as me. Below, I am  copying a letter I sent to him and his wife because I feel so strongly about how the product has helped me. I now have 7 other friends and family using the product and all of them say they will never go back to regular thyroxine or even compounded products. I am excited to share this information with you all!

Hi, Dr. and Tammy Lowe,

I wanted to share my story with you. I have had such great success with the Thyro-Gold product and wanted to thank you for making it happen and sharing information with people.

I have been taking .125 mcg of Synthroid for over 20 years and was having so many problems that I was beginning to feel like life was not worth living anymore. I had developed asthma, low blood sugar, muscle and joint aches and pains, and many other symptoms of hypothyroidism. My husband ended up  on disability for back problems and I had been laid off from work. We lost our insurance benefits and I knew it was time to refill my prescription. To go to the doctor and get the necessary blood work for the new prescription would have cost me over $500, which I did not have. I started to research and found the Stop the thyroid madness website. After reading a ton of blogs and information, I became convinced I wanted to try natural desiccated thyroid. I found a link to your website and read your information. I liked what you had to  say and I ordered a bottle of the Thyro-Gold. I followed the advice for supplements to support the thyroid and did what helped me through the transition of adding T3 after all these years.

I started using two tablets a day at first, taking half a capsule at a time. I immediately felt energized and happy again. It was the most awesome feeling. For two months I stayed on that dose and then I started to feel shaky, so I lowered the dose to 1 1/2 capsules a day for the next two months. I kept following how I was feeling and when I started to feel shaky again, I dropped the dose to one capsule a day. Now I am using 1 1/4 daily and it seems to be the right dose for me.

The great news is that the asthma went away, the hypoglycemia has gone, the muscle and joint pain is gone, my allergies are gone, an ovarian cyst that has bothered me for years seems to be gone, I feel good and happy, and I love exercising again. I even sleep better! This product has given me my life back and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am. My six kids, 5 in college,  all say I am a new and fun person. They love it, too. My husband decided to try it because he was exhibiting symptoms. He tried it and shaking he has had most of his life was reduced and he also felt energetic. All the women in  my family have hypothyroidism and so I shared the information, making sure to tell them to read, research, and discuss it with their Dr. 7 other people have now started using it and they are all having such great results. They are thanking me for sharing and I want to thank you for them. My mom told me I should work for you on commission because I can really sell the product. I just feel that when I find something so magical, I want those I love to have that same feeling.

If I could afford to go to a doctor, I would definitely find one who is understanding and ask them to run appropriate tests. As it is now, I plan to use your product for the rest of my life. Also, I have lost 30 lbs., can breathe, and am experiencing the fun of life…which means I can see why life is worth living now.

My mom is having the same results as me, but she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I noticed that you are currently doing a study on that and was wondering what information you might be able to share to help my mom. She just had laser spine surgery and was told to stop taking any supplements for 12 weeks. Why they said that, I am not sure, but she still took the thyroid and  stated that she did not care what they said about her Thyro-Gold, she was  taking it.

Please keep doing what you are doing….maybe you will help heal the world  as we know it…one person at a time.

Cara Bryant

Alma L wrote: Apr 19, 11 at 6:36 pm

Hello. I’m currently switching from nature-throid (just hasn’t been working properly since the reformulation) and well, no need to give the spotlight further to the detriments of synthroid. (seriously, when I was on that stuff for close to 10 years, the electricity like burning sensations in my body just became normal occurrences..not to mention the really dry, itchy skin and scalp)

So yes, switching from nature-throid to Thyro-gold. To those who have made the switch, did you just stop the nature-throid all together one day and introduce Thyro-gold the next or did you do it slowly in phases? Please share your switch to Thyro-gold experiences.

I was diagnosed with Graves at 20 and took 2 treatments of RAI and on synthroid at the age of 21. I haven’t been the same since but work wonderfully with what I have now. I always maintain hope that there is a better option out there for me, for us. As a nutritionist, I also keep my diet in amazing shape. Sugar free, gluten free and subscribe to a wholesome, nutrient dense organic food diet, eschewing the processed foods. This I believe has made ALL the difference in being able to still function with decent energy during the really hypo days and keeping my weight under control. I’ll keep everyone posted as to how the switch is working for me. I also want this to be a learning experience for those who are contemplating the switch to Thyro-gold.

To our thyroid health!

Anna wrote: Jul 21, 11 at 2:40 am

I took my first pill of Thyro Gold six hours ago…the effects are truly amazing! I have so much energy that it feels like my feet are hardly touching the floor when I move…I remember reading somewhere (I cannot remember if it was here or in another forum) that Thyro Gold also contains a substance that suppresses appetite. I can confirm that – normally, I cannot wait to have breakfast when I get up in the morning, and now it’s 10.35 am and I am still not hungry. For the first time ever I had to MAKE MYSELF EAT. I have been on Weight Watchers for ever but unable to follow their program because of cravings. I restart every Monday and fall off the waggon on Wednesday that same week. But now I don’t think that I am going to have any problems with that. A truly amazing product…I just hope I will stay feeling this way!

Lori wrote: Dec 16, 11 at 9:47 pm

My lab tests came back with a flat-lined cortisol and only very mild hypothyroidism. I spent 4-5 months feeling absolutely horrid working on my leaky gut with GAPS diet, raising my cortisol with nutrients, adaptogens, Thorne’s Cortrex and Standard Process’s dessicated Adrenal and balancing my wacked blood sugar. As my adrenal symptoms improved, the absolutely terrible, suicidal depression set in. With the help of this website and Dr. Rind’s and Dr Lowe’s websites, I decided I need to implement a thyroid supplement. My temps were finally low and stable, as opposed to erratically unstable, and I started Atriums Thyroid 130 and I took 18 tabs a day. The depression somewhat lifted. I then received my Thyro-Gold in the mail. LIFECHANGING. I literally spent an hour dancing in my bedroom, when I have been barely able to walk or even drive for 6 months. I had gained 40 lbs, and it is slowly coming off. I can’t compare Thyro-Gold to other thyroid meds, but I have been loving it the past 2 weeks on it!

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